AK Series 550rd Hicap Magazine


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Product Description

Having enough magazines to get you through each game is absolutely essential in airsoft. Nothing is worse than when you run out of ammo…it can really ruin the day. There are a couple of different types of magazine to choose from – you have the high capacity manually winding magazines, which hold a substantial amount of BB’s, but require you to wind-on the mag as you shoot. There’s electric auto-winding magazines which hold a lot of BB’s, and wind on using a dedicated battery and motor. Lastly you have the mid/low cap style of magazines – these are under spring tension, and don’t require winding…the trade off is that they hold less BB’s.

Manufactured for Cybergun by CYMA under exclusive license from Mikhail Kalashnikov, these magazines are replicas of the AK74 style. They will work in any TM spec AK e.g. AK47, AK74, AKM, RPK etc, and hold an impressive 550rds. Constructed out of durable ABS plastic, the mags are lightweight and strong, allowing you to carry as many as you need to! As this is a hicap mag, filling them is very fast – open the trap door at the top, pour in your BB’s and and wind it up…that’s it!

Each mag sold individually.

Rifle Magazine Specification
Magazine Type Hicap
Capacity 550
Build Material ABS Plastic
Colour Black

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