Arid Woodland UBACS



Product Description

UBACS (Under Body Armour Combat Shirt) are extremely popular in airsoft due to their breathability, comfort, and lightness. Many people dislike field jackets as they can feel quite heavy and restrictive. The combat shirts are an awful lot freer for movement, making them the clothing of choice for many loadouts.

This particular shirt is in the arid wooland colourscheme, making it suitable for a wider range of camouflage uniforms e.g. Woodland, Multicam etc.

Manufactured by Mil-Tec this shirt has integrated elbow pads to assist when going prone – no more painful stones in the elbow when trying to aim! The arms have velcro squares for the addition of patches, name tapes etc, and the cuffs are adjustable with velcro for a more secure and personal fit.

As this is arid woodland, it is best suited for drier conditions, nad is especially good for open field use.

Sizes available: S,L,XL,XXL

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