Army Combat Gloves (Black)


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Product Description

Gloves are an absolute essential piece of equipment for skirmishing, especially in Ireland. Firstly they offer protection – instead of hitting skin, the BB’s hit a layer of fabric first (generally with some padding), however that’s not all they do. Due to the additional insulation your hands are warmer, and as such it hurts a lot less when you do get shot in the hands. Even so, they do have uses beyond being shot…though they are probably the biggest selling ponits; no one likes being shot in the finger.

A decent pair of gloves offers protection and dexterity, though the two are not hand in hand (forgive the pun) – to have dexterity you have to part with protection a little, so you’re finding the balance. Gloves generally have better grip than bare hands, due to the lack of perspiration etc. It is also another way the gloves protect your hand – you can haul yourself up the side of a hill, grabbing onto branches without having to worry too much about little prickly bits digging into your skin.

These Army Combat Gloves offer flexibility, strength and great protection whilst still affording solid dexterity – picking things up, or switching to your secondary are not impeded striking a superb balance. Manufactured by Mil-Tec out of spandex and synthetic leather, the fit is fantastic and due to the foam padding and dual-layer of the synthetic leather (feels just like suede) it offers superb protection that does not impede with your general hand-movement. These particular ones are black, and thus are suited for virtually all loadouts, though look best with more tactical ones e.g. SWAT etc.

Available in small, medium, large and xtra-large.

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