ATACS Arid/Urban ACU


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Product Description

ATACS is one of the most sought after camouflage patterns, especially in airsoft. This particular type is manufactured by Mil-Tec (suitable named Mil-TACS) and is the Arid Urban, or AU, variation.

The camouflage uses a dual-pattern system; the micro pattern is used to create more organic large shapes to break up the human shape at a distance. Rather than using square pixels, ATACS use organic pixels, and combined with the colours accumulated from their library of lighting-controlled photographs, then end result is a pattern created from a superb algorithm that is digital in nature, but far more organic in appearance giving you the best of both worlds.

The arid/urban pattern itself has a general absence of green, and was created from samples of temperate landscapes as well as a variety of urban areas. It was also the first pattern to use the now patented grouping of the micro patterns into larger more defined patterns, designed to be viewed at a distance. The range of colours, particularly the use of intermingled colours, really helps the user blend more effectively into the landscape.

This is an ACU (Army Combat Uniform) cut, which replaced the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) – the jacket features more velco sections for badges, patches and name tapes etc, as well as having a zip instead of the buttons. The pockets on the jacket are at an angle for easier access, particularly with a tac vest/plate carrier. On top of that the cuffs of the sleeves are velcro, ensuring a superior fit over the one-size-fits-all approach of the BDU button-cuff.

The pants also have angled pockets for easier access when sitting/kneeling, you can add internal knee pads to them, and there is a draw string on the bottom. You also have a bungee cord on the cargo pocket. Beyond that the ACU pants are remarkably similar to the BDU, without much difference…the ACU ones are just the newer version. It is worth noting that modern patterns, especially ATACS, were designed with the ACU cut in mind, and so will work far better as such.

Sizes available:S,L,XL,XXL

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