ATACS Foliage Green ACU


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Product Description

The ATACS pattern/style grew to popularity off of the back of their AU (arid/urban) pattern, though many people didn’t like the lack of green. As a result ATACS came out with their Foliage Green, or FG, pattern…and as the name suggests, it has a lot more green!

Much the same as the ATACS AU, the FG pattern uses organic pixels rather than square ones to create more natural looking shapes. They also use micro patterns to form larger macro elements, which combined with a shadow effect give off a superb 3D optical illusion, perfect when at a distance as it breaks the human pattern extremely effectively.

The colour tones were sampled from forested areas, as well as transitional ones and combined with various different earth tones to end up with a camouflage effective in a wide number of areas. The pattern itself is generated by an algorithm, which takes the colour information from the library of photos and generates a digital pattern that is much more organic in appearance granting you the best of both worlds.

It is an ACU (Army Combat Uniform), which succeeded the BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) for the US Military. There are a few small differences – instead of the jacket being fastened by buttons it is instead zip-up, and the pockets are angled for greater access. The arms have velcro areas for the attachment of badges, patches and name tapes, whilst also having velcro cuffs for a better fit. The pants are largely the same, though have improved the angle of the pockets for access when sitting/kneeling, and the cuffs have a drawstring. Beyond that they’re much in a muchness.

Sizes available: S,L,XL,XXL

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