Blackwater 1911 R2

Blackwater 1911 R2


Blackwater 1911 R2

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Product Description

The KWC 1911 is widely regarded as one of the best airsoft pistols that money can buy – it works, and works well. No doubt there are better guns, but few do what the Blackwater 1911 does for the same kind of money.

It is a full metal, Co2 powered, single-stack magazine 1911 with a flush base. Don’t worry if that sounds like mumbo-jumbo – it basically means that it is solidly built, feels great in your hand, has powerful recoil and a magazine that gives no hint that it houses a Co2 cannister. Officially licensed from Blackwater, the gun features authentic trademarks, as well as some other nice features that put it over and above the standard 1911. As a more modern 1911 variant, you have a rounded skeleton hammer, stainless tri-hole trigger, stainless outer barrel, ambidextrous frame-mounted safety, 20mm accessory rail, and tactical iron sights.

The magazine holds 17 rounds, more than enough to blast away at anything coming towards you…though you may want to increase your capacity by picking up a couple of spares. Each magazine holds 1x Co2 cannister which will last approximately 50+ shots before needing to be replaced. We recommend using 0.25g BB’s in this gun, as they improve your consistency due to the extra weight in the short barrel. Remember to never re-use BB’s, or use cheap quality ones, as they will damage & break your pistol.

This particular 1911 is compatible with the 1911A1 magazines from KWC, and is an extremely comfortable gun. It sits easily into the hand, and the beaver tail safety combined with the slightly wider composite grips make for an ergonomic feel. The rear cocking serrations on the slide make loading the first round a dream, as well as making it look damned cool.

Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Co2
Blowback Co2 Gas Blowback
Power <1 Joule
Mag Capacity 17rds
Length 205mm
Weight 0.9kg
Fire Mode Semi-Auto
Colour Black
Hop up Adjustable