Colt 1911 A1 (Co2) Magazine


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Product Description

Spare Co2 magazine for the KWC Co2 1911’s (e.g. Blackwater BW1911R2, Colt 1911A1 etc). Each magazine holds 17rds, and 1x Co2 cannister and is constructed out of metal for added durability, whilst the feed lips are made of strong ABS plastic to avoid damaging BB’s prior to firing. Loading the magazine is simple; loosen the allen screw on the bottom (you don’t have to remove it) and slot in the Co2 cannister from the side, tightening back up the screw which pierces the Co2 caplet. From there it’s just a case of loading the mag with BB’s – pull down the follower and load them in through the top and you’re done!

Pistol Magazine Specification
Gas Type Co2
Capacity 17
Build Material Metal & ABS


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