Colt M4 CQB RIS (Black & Tan)

Colt M4 CQB RIS (Black & Tan)


Colt M4 CQB RIS (Black & Tan)

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Product Description

The Colt M4 is a venerable rifle in the airsoft world – everyone has one, and for good reason! They’re a comfortable gun, they work well and you can customise virtually everything about them.

This model is manufactured by A&K under license from Cybergun (which basically means they get to reproduce authentic Colt trademarks, making the AEG looking cooler than your average bear), and is set apart from the crowd from the outset by being two different colours. The main receiver is black, whilst rail kit, pistol grip, stock & mag are all tan. Internally the gun has a metal version 2 gearbox, with steel gears & polycarbonate piston. This model comes with a basic battery and charger, however to get the most out of it we do recommend purchasing a smart charger & higher capacity battery; stay shooting for longer!

This model has a CQB length barrel, lending itself to turning tight corners and in general being more manoeuvrable. It comes with a high capacity magazine (holds 300rds), so you can reload faster & keep heads down! Spare magazines are available should you need more ammo!


Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 705mm (stock collapsed); 785mm (stock extended)
Weight 2.39kg
Manufacturer A&K
Colour Black & Tan
Power: >0.95 J
Recommended Battery 9.6v 1600mAh Nunchuck