Colt M4A1 (Plastic) with Retractable Stock

Colt M4A1 (Plastic) with Retractable Stock


Colt M4A1 (Plastic) with Retractable Stock

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Product Description

Unquestionably the most popular airsoft rifle on the market, the M4A1 is the go-to-gun for the vast majority of people. It works, and works well. And that’s not to mention about the customisation options – you can literally change any/every part!

This model is manufactured by A&K and features licensed Colt trademarks. In the box you get your battery, charger and 2x magazines – everything you need to get going! Built out of ABS plastic, it is both light weight and durable, whilst the internals are metal for a longer lasting performance. This entry level rifle is perfect for getting going!

Operation of the gun is simple – charge up your battery, and fill your magazines with BB’s. Each magazine holds 300 rds; all you have to do is wind it on! The battery is stored in the handguard (accessing it is simple; pull back on the delta ring to pop off the bottom half of the handguard), making it quick & painless to install/remove. The included battery will last approximately 1200 shots between charges (assuming fully charged). We strongly recommend spare batteries, and the use of a smart charger with automatic cut off. The included charger does not have cut-off, so you need to time it exactly.

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 76cm (stock collapsed), 84cm (extended)
Weight 1.9kg
Manufacturer A&K
Colour Black
Mag Capacity: 300
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 9.6v Mini-type NiMh