Desert Eagle .50AE (Co2 Blowback) Semi & Full Auto

Desert Eagle .50AE (Co2 Blowback) Semi & Full Auto


Desert Eagle .50AE (Co2 Blowback) Semi & Full Auto

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Product Description

The Desert Eagle is a very famous pistol developed in 1979 by American Magnum Research. Rare and innovative construction was a must as the Desert Eagle used very powerful ammunition.

Recognizable back-slide, heavy weight, strong recoil and accuracy are the biggest advantages of this pistol.

This Desert Eagle replica, manufactured by KWC with full trade markings, fires in both semi and full-auto mode.

Powered by Co2, this pistol works in low temperatures without losing any power.

This pistol requires a Co2 canister to operate.

Technical Specification:

  • Construction: ABS with Metal Slide & Outer Barrel
  • Type: Co2 Blow Back Recoil
  • Energy: Up to 1J
  • Length: 270mm
  • Weight: 1200g
  • Mag Capacity: 22bbs
  • Hop – Up: Adjustable spin up system
  • Firing Mode: Full and Semi Auto
  • Powered by: CO2 CANISTER .12G

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