Digital Woodland Boonie


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Product Description

The boonie/jungle hat is one of the most popular in airosft due to its practicality. It protects your head from the sun on those rare exceptionally sunny days, which is always nice, but also serves to disrupt the human shape which is particularly useful when trying to stay hidden in the woodland.

Manufactured by Mil-Tec out of ripstop cotton, this particular boonie is in the MARPAT (MARine PATtern) Digital Woodland. Complete your loadout with this boonie, and stay concealed for longer! The shape of the hat breaks away from the standard recognition patterns, which works exceptionally well when paired with a camouflage such as digital woodland making the wearer much more difficult to locate.

The hat has small vents to allow heat to escape, and a chin-strap for ensuring the hat doesn’t go wandering on you. That strap is particularly useful if you need to ditch the hat all of a sudden, as you can just tip it off to the rear, and not have to worry about fumbling with pouches etc.

Please note that the sizes are a little odd; Large equats to Small, XL to Medium and XXL to Large.

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