Double Pistol Magazine Pouch (Black)


Product Description

If you plan on using a pistol in a skirmish, or even for any prolonged period of time, you’re going to need spare magazines. Similarly you’re going to need somewhere to put them in order to keep them safe, so that they’re not smashing off against each other, or indeed anything else. Magazine pouches keep your spare magazines exactly where you need them, and protect them from damage as well.

This particular pouch by Mil-Tec is made out of codura nylon, and holds 2x pistol magazines. It is designed to fit the vast majority of standard size magazines, and can even fit Five-SeveN ones, however it will not take extended magazines (for obvious reasons). It will fit 1911 (single stack & hicapa), M9, SIG, Glock, PX4, XDM, Browning Hi-Power etc.

The magazines are held in place with an elasticated strap and velcro flap. The flap is velcroed on to the inside of the pouch, so simply move the end of the flap into the desired height and you’re sorted!

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