Elbow & Knee Pad Set (Alta Tactical type) Olive


Product Description

Personal Protection Equipment, often referred to simply as PPE, is essential in airsoft. At a bare minimum you need eye protection, however most people choose to wear gloves & knee/elbow pads to further enhance their enjoyment of the game.

There are a number of reasons for wearing the pads – some like the more tactical look offered, adding credence to a loadout etc. Others simply want the practicality of being able to drop to a knee (or prone) into a firing position, without having to worry about what’s underneath you (which if unpadded, could leave your knee in a bad way!).

Not all pads were created equal, especially when it comes to the knees. Most of the time you give it ten seconds before they’re around your ankles. The Alta Tactical style of knee pads are far superior for retention – rather than using velcro and overly elasticated straps, which all too often expand with your leg allowing them to slide off, the locking solid strap keeps it firmly in place. Although you can experience some slight migration, it is nothing when compared with the basic style knee pads.

Elbow pads are primarily used for propping the gun up shooting prone, and much the same as the knee pads, it’s about comfort. You don’t have a sharp rock jutting or pressing into your elbow, instead it’s pressing into a piece of plastic with padding on the other side so you’re snug as a bug with the enemy in your sights!

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