Fab Defense MWG Magwell Grip (Tan)


Product Description

Something you will see a lot when you’re out playing airsoft is people start shooting with one hand on the handguard…and as they shoot the hand moves further and further back, until it’s on the mag well. The mag well is a gravitational point. It is effectively the last place you can go to in order to support the weight, but also due to its proximity to your other hand it affords great manoeuvrability. Although not as stable as thumb-over-bore, it is still a formidable position.

Magwells are not the most comfortable things to hold though, as they weren’t designed with that in mind. As such you won’t find many ergonomic features there, so that’s where Fab Defense come in. Their MWG is a low-profile plastic bolt-on accessory that gives a wider & more comfortable surface area to hold. It has 3x finger grooves for additional comfort, which also make it look a lot better. This is an ACM clone of the beautiful Fab Defense MWG, so functionally it is exactly the same, however durability wise that point defintely goes to Fab Defense.

The MWG is extremely easy to install – undo 3x screws, split the two halves & slot it into place; pop back in the three screws and bobs your uncle!


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