FAMAS F1(Nylon Fiber) AEG

FAMAS F1(Nylon Fiber) AEG


FAMAS F1(Nylon Fiber) AEG

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Product Description

The FAMAS was the very first AEG ever made, first produced by Tokyo Marui in the 1980’s. Up until now it has never been updated, instead just having the same ABS body rehashed again & again. Finally there’s a FAMAS of substance, in no small part thanks to Cybergun (based in France) exercising some patriotic muscle to get a beefier model.

The body is constructed out of fiber reinforced nylon, ensuring that there is good strength, excellent feel, and eliminating the toy-like appearance from the previous generation. Apart from that, it’s the same Version 1 gearbox as before, so you have a solid Rate of Fire from the word go, and don’t have to worry about much. You have the integrated bipod (foldable), and 20mm accessory rail for flashlights, lasers, grips etc.

Operation of the gun is simple; you have the safety inside the trigger guard acting as a physical block, as well as disengaging it, and then on the back of the gun is your fire selector. As it is a bullpup design, the magazine sits behind the trigger, so winding on the magazine as you shoot takes some getting used to!

Inside the box you get your basic battery and charger; they’re enough to get you going however you’d want to ugrade both if you’re skirmishing. We’d strongly recommend a smart charger as well as an upgraded 9.6v Mini type battery. Installing the battery is quick and easy, once you know how! Push the safety forward to release the bottom handguard. Turn the gun upside down, connect your battery (lying it flat on the underside of the barrel), and start putting the handguard back on. The handguard will hold the battery in place. Slide it into position taking care to ensure the hooks on the top engage with the gun (keeping it firmly in place), until you hear a positive click. That’s it!

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 1
Length 775mm
Weight 2.85g
Manufacturer CYMA
Colour Black
Mag Capacity: 300
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 9.6v Mini