FAST Mag M4 Magazine Pouch (2pcs)


Product Description

When you’re out gaming there are a couple of things you need – ammo, magazines, and somewhere to put them! The more mags you have, the longer you’re in the game. But they’re no use to you if you can’t carry them. You need pouches!

The Fast Mags are an open-type passive retention system, and as you’d expect from their name, the draw is quite quick. There are two pieces in each package, and they are suitable only for M4 magazines. Compatible with P-MAG style, STANAG, VN-style etc.

Attaching pouches to belt/vest is quick and easy using the MOLLE loops; simply loop it on, and you’re ready to go. If you’re tight on space the pouches can be attached to each other, maximising the storage potential (especially on belt rigs). For best results we would recommend using open type magazine pouches in conjunction with mag-pulls (e.g. Magpul 5.56, ranger plates, or home made ones etc) for an even faster reload.

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