Folding Vertical Grip (Olive)


Product Description

The foldable vertical grip from CYMA is a great utility grip. It gives another manipulation point for the guns, improving manoeuvrability. It bolts onto any gun with a 20mm RIS/RAS bottom rail, staying securely in place. If the situation you’re in doesn’t call for a vertical grip, such as going prone etc.

Installing a vertical grip is very easy – they just slot in place, and then away you go. The only difference with a folding grip is to ensure that when folded that it doesn’t impede on any other accessories you may have behind it.

Constructed out of durable ABS plastic, this grip is solid yet lightweight – exactly what you want. To fold this grip, simply press the button on the side & fold it until the button clicks, locking it in place.

Grips & Bipod Specification
Mount 20mm RIS/RAS
Colour Olive Drab
Build Material ABS Plastic

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