GC16 9″ Wild Hog

GC16 9" Wild Hog


GC16 9″ Wild Hog

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Product Description

The G&G Wild Hog is a 9″ M4, with a few differences. It has a Key Mod handguard, with a single top rail (usual 20mm RIS/RAS affair) for accessories. As the handguard is 9″ long, and you have the rail the whole length of the receiver as well…you can run virtually any optic setup you want! Offset iron sights, red dot with magnifier etc…there’s room aplenty.

The receiver is a thing of beauty. Contoured for greater comfort and faster reloads, you also have an ambidextrous magazine release. You’ll also find an ambidextrous fire selector, so no more left discrimination! The stock is slim and ergonomic – based off the Magpul CTR stock, it changes just enough to keep the lawyers at bay. You have a CR123a battery storage compartment by pressing the button at the bottom of the stock…that you will never use.

You will likely use the stock to store batteries though, and this is where it impresses. It is slim and attractive, yet will house a 9.6v nunchuck! We recommend 11.1v for best performance, however you do need to show restraint as otherwise you could cause premature damage due to the additional wear and tear. If you’re using 11.1v, set it to 3rd burst!

Internally the gun is quite impressive – you have a metal gearbox shell, decent spec gears, solid piston, and nice air seal components. But that’s nothing new! What is particularly nice is the ETU, or electronic trigger unit. A MOSFET trigger, programmable, and completely replacing the standard sliding contact approach. You have the internal trigger mech inside the gearbox, and the MOSFET board in the stock tube. Battery space can get tight, however you can push the MOSFET board into the stock, and use a battery in the stock tube if you need the extra width!

Full metal receiver, beautifully crafted KeyMod handguard, and an overall solid piece. The integrated silencer starts just inside the handguard giving it an attractive profile, whilst not being as aggressive as some of G&G’s other offerings e.g. Predator & Firehawk

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 760mm
Weight 2.5kg
Manufacturer G&G
Colour Black
Mag Capacity: 300rds
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 7.4v Lipo