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G&G Firehawk


G&G Firehawk

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Product Description

Easily one of the best guns available for CQB, or even as a back up. This short stubby M4 is compact, lightweight and accurate – a lethal combination. The body is G&G’s renowned fibre reinforced nylon, giving it superb strength whilst keeping the weight down. The stock is based on the Magpul CTR stock, though has been altered enough so as not to infringe on their design. It is of course retractable, and the friction lock keeps it firmly in place. The bottom of the stock can be used as basic battery storage (AAA, CR123a etc), though most people never use it.

As space is limited on this piece, you will need to run the rifle off of 7.4v stock tube lipo. Battery & charger are not included with this gun, so you will need to pick those up separately if you do not already have them.

The rail kit on this gun is based off of the Daniel Defense LITE, and the front end has a beautifully crafted amplifier making it look far more menacing. Due to the short barrel & cylinder combination, the gun is slightly overvolumed giving a much better crack from each shot with the amplifier. Exactly what you want from a CQB beast!

The pistol grip is an ergonomic design making it sit comfortably in the hand, and with the rail kit you can add a vertical grip for better manipulation of the gun…as well as other accessories such as torches, lasers etc. The gun comes with flip up iron sights, and a 300rd rubberised magazine.

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 543mm
Weight 2.2kg
Manufacturer G&G
Colour Black
Mag Capacity: 300rds
Power: <0.95 Joule
Recommended Battery 7.4v Lipo