G&G M4 CM18 Mod 1 (MK18)

G&G M4 CM18 Mod 1 (MK18)


G&G M4 CM18 Mod 1 (MK18)

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Product Description

Following on from their success with the GR4 CQB-S mini, G&G have continued with M4 variants and the CM18 is their replica of a MK18. It features a plastic rail kit based off of the Daniel Defense LITE, and includes tan ladder rail covers to make it look more tactical. The two tone look is continued with the stock, pistol grip & flip up sights.

The gun’s receiver is fibre reinforced nylon, so it looks and feels nice in the hand. As a result it is also quite lightweight making it perfect for skirmishing. The last thing you want is to be lugging around 4kg of rifle around with you, particularly in fast moving games. Internally it is a standard version 2 gearbox, so no noisy blowback feature. The gun also comes with an upgraded 40 degree G&G green hop up rubber for superior performance, as well as a one-piece plastic hop up chamber.

This gun does not come with a battery or charger, so if you don’t have those already you will need to pick them up. You can use a stock tube 7.4v lipo, or 8.4v – 9.6v NiMh Crane stock battery. The gun is rear wired, so you store the battery in the stock, making it fast-access for those times you need to change it in a hurry! Simply pop off the butt-plate, remove the cover & insert your battery. As with all crane-stocked G&G M4’s, they do include a small piece which you can use to stop your battery from bouncing around inside the stock, however it is not essential to use…a nice to have! It just means you can be a little sneakier!

The charging handle and forward assist on this gun are purely for play – they don’t do anything. To access the hop up, simply flip down the dust cover by hand.

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 2
Length 812mm
Weight 2kg
Manufacturer G&G
Colour Black w/Tan furniture
Mag Capacity: 120rds
Power: <0.95 joule
Recommended Battery 9.6v Crane Stock