G&G SIG SG 552 30rd Mid cap Magazine


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Product Description

Having enough magazines to get you through each game is absolutely essential in airsoft. Nothing is worse than when you run out of ammo…it can really ruin the day. There are a couple of different types of magazine to choose from – you have the high capacity manually winding magazines, which hold a substantial amount of BB’s, but require you to wind-on the mag as you shoot. There’s electric auto-winding magazines which hold a lot of BB’s, and wind on using a dedicated battery and motor. Lastly you have the mid/low cap style of magazines – these are under spring tension, and don’t require winding…the trade off is that they hold less BB’s.

This bullet-design mid-cap magazine from G&G is a thing of beauty; with a realistic capacity of 30 BB’s (plus an extended follower to ensure every last BB is fed) these magazines are perfect for MilSim games, or even just to avoid the annoying rattle of high capacity guns. Plus, the realistic bullet design really adds to the overall aesthetic of the gun!

Due to the lugs on either side of these magazines, you can clip two or more of them together for easier carrying!

Rifle Magazine Specification
Magazine Type Midcap
Capacity 30
Build Material ABS Plastic
Colour Brown

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