Hip Holster (Ambidextrous)


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Product Description

Choosing a holster for your pistol can be difficult, especially if you’re not sure what you want/meed. The most obvious decision is what hand you’re going to be shooting with, and thus which side you draw from i.e. are you right or left handed. When you’ve chosen your side, then it’s a case of picking where you want to draw from – do you want to pull from the thigh, armpit or hip?

There’s no doubt about it, there is just something unmistakably cool about shoulder holsters – if they’re good enough for James Bond and John McClane, then they’re good enough for you right? Unfortunately they are widely regarded as one of the more uncomfortable holsters to wear, and if you wear a tac vest or chest rig then it’s completely enclosed making for quite the awkward draw! Similarly leg hoslters tend to catch a bit of flack for their flappy nature – they can be difficult to get to stay in the same place thanks to the rapid movement of your leg.

That leaves the humble hip holster, the first choice of the vast majority of people, and for good reason. Wearing a holster on your hip makes sense due to the relative lack of movement keeping it stable and exactly where you need it. It also makes for quite an easy draw, so if you enter into a duel, this is your holster!

Manufactured by Swiss Arms, this particular holster is for either hip, and has belt loops on either side. The securing strap can be swapped over to either side, ensuring you can get your gun out when you need it! Constructed out of durable codura nylon, this holster is extremely rugged. Please note that it is best suited for a standard trouser belt, and will not fit on the LC2 style duty belts.

Suitable for both right and left hand, this holster is perfect for most pistols. Please note this holster has been designed to fit most standard pistols, and is not designed to work with tactical lights etc.

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