Kalashnikov AK47 Scope Mount


Product Description

Attaching optics to the AK style rifles requires one of two types of mount, depending on what type of AK you have. If your gun has the more modern side bracket, then you can use the AK74 scope mount which simply slots onto the bracket, whereas if it doesn’t then the scope mount you need is the AK47 type, which bolts onto the underside of the receiver. Both scope mounts serve to give your rifle an 20mm RIS/RAS top rail in order to attach any compatible optic of your choice.

This particular mount is for the AK47 series (e.g. AK47 full stock, AK47 Tactical, AK Spetsnaz etc), and is attached to the receiver via 3 screws. This is only for Marui spec AK’s, and will not fit the LCT or G&G type. Attaching the mount is simple, and includes all of the mounting hardware – all you need is a philips screwdriver! All you have to do is turn your rifle upside down, and on the underside you will see four philips screws; two in the magwell, and two between the handguard and magwell. Remove the two between handguard and magwell, and on the left hand side at the gun’s rear sight there is another philips screw that needs to be removed. Slot the mount into place, and using the screws included with the mount, bolt the mount down.

Please note that on some models such as the AK spetz the rear sight needs to be removed completely – this is done by pressing the button at the rear of the gun, lifting off the upper receiver and removing the two philips screws on the underside

Scope Mounts Specification
Gun Type AK47, AK Tactical, AK Spetsnaz et
Colour Black

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