Low Profile 1″ Scope Rings (twin pack)


Product Description

These low profile scope rings are only for 1″ (25.4mm) optics, and are 20mm RIS/RAS compatible i.e. they’ll go onto any gun with a picatinny rail. Some scopes ship with high-rise scope rings which can be awkward to aim with, so having low profile mounts can aleviate this problem. This is particularly evident when mounting a scope onto a high mount, such as the AK74, or M4 carry handle – the scope is already up pretty high, so pairing that with a higher scope ring can be a most unenjoyable experience. Replacing the high rise rings with this twin pack of low profile mounts gives a much more natural shooting experience.

Suitable for any 1″ optic, such as torches, magnified scopes etc.

Scope Mounts Specification
Gun Type Any gun with 20mm RIS/RAS rail
Colour Black


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