M14 Scope Mount Rail


Product Description

The M14 is a rifle renowned for its accuracy and range, both in real steel and airsoft. It is one of the most commonly used rifles for DMR (designated marksman’s rifle) builds due to its long barrel, exceptional hop up, and ergonomic body. Adding a scope to this rifle is a huge benefit, as it allows you to more carefully pick your shots, and fine-tune your aim. To add a scope you need to first install a scope mount to give you a 20mm RIS/RAS rail, which will allow you to mount any compatible optic, from magnified scopes to red dot sights, and more.

Installing the rail is simple – all you have to do is insert the triangular adapter piece and screw it down using the included grub screw, then attach the nut to the rear of the scope mount and bolt it down. The long screw goes into the rear, the shorter of the two into the front. All that’s left to do is to centre the scope – if it’s not centred then it will affect your accuracy as it will be very difficult to align your scope. To centre the mount simply loosen the front screw and once you’ve found the centre, use the included tool to tighten the lock nut. As the name suggests this tightens everything up, and locks it down keeping your mount solid and ensuring your scope is in line.

Scope Mounts Specification
Gun Type M14
Colour Black

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