Madbull 14mm Cw to CCW thread adapter


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Product Description

Sometimes your choice of gun or outer barrel can bite you in the proverbials, especially when it comes to mounting a silencer, flash hider or tracer unit. If you’re a fan of G&P, Systema etc then you’ll be well used to the plague of clock-wise threads. They’re closer to the real steel, which is their justification for deviating from the airsoft industry standard…of course this would be fine if it didn’t drastically narrow your choices, and raise the prices.

Thankfully hope is not lost – if you really like the look of a silencer, flash hider or tracer unit, and it’s for 14mm CCW only, well then you’re in luck with the Madbull thread adapter. This little beauty of an attachment screws onto your current barrel and gives you 14mm CCW threading, allowing you to attach any airsoft silencer! Free yourself from the constraints of 14mm CW forever!


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