Madbull Daniel Defense MFR 9″


Product Description

Manufactured by Madbull Airsoft, this rail kit is a replica of the Daniel Defense Modular Float Rail (MFR) 9″ black.

Coated in Madbull’s famed anti-scratch paint, this piece looks superb. It can transform your run of the mill M4 into a more modern tactical machine, with superior comfort (and looks!). So what is it? It is a replacement handguard for your M4/M16 rifle – you remove the handguard, handguard cap & delta ring. You replace the delta ring with the included barrel lock (to ensure your barrel doesn’t go anywhere) and screw the rail kit to it. This means that no matter how you torque on the MFR, it cannot influence the accuracy of your rifle.

The MFR has a clever cut out to slip tight against the receiver to ensure it cannot simply unscrew the barrel lock – an essential design when there’s no gas tube! There is a single top rail and cut outs along the handguard for you to bolt on the included 3x rail segments. This minimalist design keeps a slim profile ensuring supreme comfort, whilst still allowing you to mount the accessories you want/need exactly where you want them.

Installing aftermarket parts may require some basic modification, so if you are unsure always seek the aid of a professional!

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