Madbull Grease (Set)


Product Description

Proper care and maintenance is absolutely essential in keeping your airsoft guns in tip top shape, whether they’re GBB, NBB, AEG or Springer. Regular maintenance improves your guns efficiency, performance and reliability. This grease set from Madbull is manufactured in Germany specifcally for airsoft AEG maintenance. The grease is silicone-based, with a viscosity consistent with the requirements of AEG gears & gearboxes. Many off-the-shelf greases are too thick for airsoft components, and end up acting more like a glue than a lubricant.

The set comes with two tubs, one for the piston guide rails, piston head O-ring and the cylinder, whilst the other tub is for for the teeth of the gears and piston, as well as the flat surfaces of the gears ensuring a smoother ride. Gearbox maintenance requires skill and patience, and it is always recommended to seek the help of a professional.

Oil & Maintenance Specification
Type Silicone
Suitable For AEG
Capacity 5ml (per tub)

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