Madbull Pistol Thread Adapter


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Product Description

Attaching silencers to pistols is something that a lot of people want to do, as it is seen in tonnes of Hollywood movies, as well as computer games – it’s undeniably cool looking. Unfortunately quite a lot of airsoft pistols are unable mount a silencer out of the box, at least without modification or the addition of an adapter. WE and Socom Gear pistols use outer barrels that are internally threaded to accept a specially designed silencer adapter; the adapter has 9mm threads on one side, and 14mm CCW threads on the other, allowing you to mount virtually any of the airsoft-spec silencers.

The adapter screws into the pistol’s outer barrel, and the silencer screws on the opposite way. As a result if you tighten the silencer too much you will loosen the adapter from the pistol. For best results screw the silencer onto the adapter first, tightening it as much as you can, and then attach the silencer to the pistol. This gives a much more secure fit, and is far easier to mount.

Please note that due to the way blowback pistols operate, if you’re using a silencer you will need to be more meticulous in your maintenance as the added weight on the barrel can cause a build up of friction; oiling the barrel & slide alleviates this considerably.


ONLY SUITABLE FOR WE/Socom Gear Pistols!

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