MARPAT (Digital Woodland) ACU


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Product Description

Manufactured by MilTec, this ACU (Army Combat Uniform) Digital Woodland camouflage is perfect for woodland use.

The pattern is effectively recoloured CADPAT, which is in itself created from complicated fractal equations. The result is a highly effective camouflage without hard lines making it perfect particularly at distance.

The digital woodland pattern, also called MARPAT (MARine PATtern) is used by the US Marine Corps. It is effective for both open field and woodland, and breaks up the human shape due to the digital design. Configured in the ACU cut, which is more modern than the BDU with improvements such as a superior angle for pockets on both jacket & trousers, velcro on the arms for patches and ID’s, on top of velcro cuffs for the jacket.

Sizes Available: S,L,XL,XXL

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