Mesh Locust Goggles (Green)

Mesh Locust Goggles (Green)


Mesh Locust Goggles (Green)

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Product Description

Eye protection is usually dictated by a couple of decisions; do you want low profile glasses, or goggles? And solid or mesh lenses?

Steel Mesh is more popular than solid lenses due to the fact it cannot fog/mist up, but it is not all gravy in mesh land – in low-light (or changing light) conditions it can be quite difficult to see, as the small holes do not allow for a lot of light to pass through. There is no work around for this – if the holes are bigger, then there are larger holes in the piece of equipment designed to protect your eyes i.e. not a good idea. However the overwhelming benefit is that it is 100% impossible to cause them to fog up, so in 95% of engagements you are at an advantage to those wearing solid lenses.

This particular set of goggles are in the Desert Locust style, and work perfectly with lower mesh masks. They’re comfortable, and have a good field of vision. The mesh is stamped as opposed to woven which reduces the risk of shattering BB’s, and the wide strap keeps the goggles firmly in place.

Goggles and Glasses Specification
Lens Type Steel Mesh
Colour Foliage Green
Strap/Stems Elasticated Strap

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