Micro LED Flashlight


Product Description

Accessorising your gun serves a couple of purposes – in the first instance it’s a bit of fun, but not only that it serves to customise your gun for you, catering it toward your own individual needs/requirements. But mostly because it’s fun.

The addition of a tac-light is one of the most common – it adds a massive element of practicality to your gun, allowing you to scan dark corners etc with the quick press of a button. This LED flashlight is small enough not to get in the way, whilst still providing an impressive 75 lumen beam from a white LED bulb.

The torch is powered by 1x CR123a battery (included), which helps keep the overall size down. The mount is pre-installed allowing you to slot it on to any 20mm RIS/RAS rail with ease! It also comes with an integrated pressure switch, so no small fiddly switch to actuate – just place the pressure pad on a vertical grip or in an area where your hand will be (e.g. on the pistol grip etc), and apply pressure onto the switch and you have your illumination.


Flashlight & Laser Specification
Power 75 Lumens
Battery 1x CR123A (Included)
Mount Included
Pressure Switch Integrated


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