Mossberg 500 L.E. Stock

Mossberg 500 L.E. Stock


Mossberg 500 L.E. Stock

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Product Description

There’s not much cooler than a shotgun – the distinctive pump action to punctuate any action-hero lines you can think of! This replica of the Mossberg 500 comes as standard with the LE (law enforcement) stock, which is adjustable/extendable to enable you to find the best shooting position.

Firing at approximately 0.5J, this gun is not really suitable for skirmishing, as many guns will outrange you. It is primarily for plinking/target shooting. The gun a RIS/RAS rail on the top to facilitate the addition of scopes and sights, whilst also having two rails on the side (one on each) for lamps and lasers etc.

Loaded by magazine as opposed to shell, this gun is much handier to reload – simply pour your BB’s in, pull down on the spring and give the mag a bit of a shake and you’re ready to go. This gun is a manually cocking pump action gun; any time you want to fire you have to rack the pump. Each pump of the gun loads one BB and cocks the piston.

Please note that this gun is only suitable for use with 0.20g BB’s.

Shotgun Specification
Length 66cm (collapsed), 77cm (extended)
Weight 0.7kg
Colour Black
Mag Capacity 180
Fire Mode Single
Power <1 Joule
Power Source Spring