Mossberg 500 Sawed Off

Mossberg 500 Sawed Off


Mossberg 500 Sawed Off

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Product Description

The humble airsoft shotgun – available in many different forms, though few as nice looking as this, especailly at this pricepoint. The Mossberg 500 sawn off is a distinctive look, and one that is seen in many different films – it has a stubby wood-effect grip, and wood-effect pump as well.

Constructed out of ABS plastic, this replica fires 1x 0.20g BB at a time and is manually cocking. To load the gun simply fill the magazine, pull down on the spring & give the mag a shake – from there just rack the pump & away you go!

This gun comes with a mock red dot sight (as seen in the picture), which attaches onto the RIS/RAS top rail. Please note that this is not a functioning red dot, and simply looks like one.

Shotgun Specification
Length 65cm
Weight 0.6kg
Colour wood Effect & Black
Mag Capacity 180
Fire Mode Single
Power <1 Joule
Power Source Spring