Mossberg 590 Shotgun (Chainsaw Grip)

Mossberg 590 Shotgun (Chainsaw Grip)


Mossberg 590 Shotgun (Chainsaw Grip)

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Product Description

Shotguns are inarguably one of the coolest types of gun in existence – their presence and power (in real steel, on screen and in video games) is second to none, and the punctuation of racking the pump is synonymous with ‘business time’. This Mossberg 590 is no exception – like its family, it fires 1 shot per trigger pull, and the magazine holds an impressive 180 BB’s, however this also has a beasltly chainsaw grip. This allows the shotgun to be comfortably held lower, loaded faster, and for a more interesting dynamic.

This replica is spring powered meaning that every time you want to shoot you have to rack the pump – this loads 1x BB and cocks the piston. The safety catch is on the top of the gun which disengages the trigger, though still allows you to pump the gun.

Loading the magazine is a breeze – remove it from the gun, open the trap door and pour your BB’s in. Then simply pull down on the spring, shake the magazine and you’re ready to go. It is strongly recommended that you use only 0.20g BB’s in this gun, as anything heavier won’t go very far, and the lighter weight BB’s will be too unstable. As always ensure you only use high quality BB’s, as poor quality or reused ammo can damage or break your gun.

Shotgun Specification
Length 535mm
Weight 0.6kg
Colour Black
Mag Capacity 180
Fire Mode Single
Power <0.7J
Power Source Spring