M&P 9C Magazine


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Product Description

Spare magazine for the VFC Smith & Wesson M&P9C

The VFC M&P9C is a beautiful sub-compact pistol, perfect for concealed carry. Each magazine holds 16 rounds, so to get yourself out of a tight spot a spare is always handy to have! Similarly, due to the gun’s full auto capability, you will definitely need more than one magazine. These magazines are beautifully made, constructed out of high quality metal with superb finishings and attention to detail. They have meticulously reproduced the round-counters on the back of the mag, as well as faithfully reproducing the trademarks on the magazines removable baseplate.

To fill the mag you need to remove the baseplate, which exposes the large fill valve, as well as the magazines retaining screws. If your mag ever develops a leak, first port of call is to tighten those retaining screws!

Pistol Magazine Specification
Gas Type Green Gas
Capacity 16
Build Material Metal & ABS

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