Olive Drab UBACS


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Product Description

The UBACS Combat Shirts are some of the most useful items of clothing for airsoft – the main body is a flexible and breathable material, whilst the arms offer greater protection from the elements. The sleeves have integrated elbow pads allowing you to go prone without worrying about getting sharp rocks to the arm when aiming etc.

Designed to be worn under tac-vests and plate carriers, the UBACS concentrates protection on the arms. As such if you are not wearing a vest or chest rig, it is recommended to wear the combat shirt underneath a field jacket for a little greater protection.

This particular UBACS (Under Body Armour Combat Shirt) is OD (olive drab), making it perfect for use with many camouflages e.g. US Woodland, Marpat, Flecktarn etc. It is particularly useful for people who have many different uniforms and don’t want to have to get an individual combat shirt to match each one. There are velcro squares on the upper arms of both sleeves to facilitate the addition of team badges etc and the cuffs are adjustable with velcro for a more individual fit.

Sizes Available: S,M,L,XL,XXL

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