Pistol Scope Mount


Product Description

Generally speaking accessorising and customising pistols is a lot harder than rifles, as there is a lot less available for them. This is one of the rare exceptions that gives you a lot more options. Suitable for any pistol with a railed frame, this scope mount bolts onto the bottom rail and gives you a rail on the top and bottom. The top rail is perfect for open top red dot sights, whereas the bottom rail is perfect for torches and lasers. Constructed out of metal, this mount is extremely durable, and will hold up to the added weight of optics without hassle. Secured by two allen screws, the mount is incredibly solid and is perfect for those looking to build a race pistol.

Mounting this rail is a breeze – simply loosen the two allen bolts, slide the mount onto the pistol’s bottom rail and tighten up the two screws; that’s it! From there you’re free to add on whatever accessories you please, from dot sights to lasers etc.

Scope Mounts Specification
Gun Type Any Pistol with 20mm bottom Rail
Colour Black

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