Remote Switch for M3-style Tac-Light


Product Description

Sometimes you need an accessory for your accessory. Case in point, the Swiss Arms M3 style Tac-Lights – enhance their cool with a remote pressure pad/switch, allowing to more easily toggle the light on/off. This switch simply plugs into the port on the rear of the Swiss Arms Flashlight & Laser, and the Compact LED flashlight and bypasses the main push button.

The wire itself is insulated with strong rubber, and coiled for greater versatility and durability. It can stretch from the front end of your rifle, right the way back to your mag-well, just as it can easily go from the front of the pistol to the grip, without having tonnes of cable in the way!

As this cable is a pressure switch, you need to hold in the button for the light to stay on – if you want a permament on, you need to remove the switch and use the button on the rear.


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