Rifle Hard Case (122 x 25 x 10cm)


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Product Description

Rifle bags are used for transport and storage of your airsoft guns, to keep them safe, secure and out of public sight. Many sites require that any RIF’s/airsoft guns must be transported to and from skirmishes in gun cases. There are an awful lot to choose from, and your choice will be dictated by the guns you wish to transport i.e. some are taller/smaller (e.g. L96 versus M4 Carbine), and others are wider/skinnier (e.g. M249 versus VSR G-Spec). Similarly you want to be looking at whether you will be transporting multiple guns at a time, and if so you will require a larger case. In that same vein you also want to be looking at additional storage pockets for gas, batteries, BB’s etc.

Finally you’re looking at build material – fabric cases as a general rule of thumb are lighter, cheaper and more versatile, whereas hard cases are more secure, more durable and give your guns greater protection.

This case is constructed out of durable ABS plastic and lined with egg-shell foam this case is perfect for longer rifles such as bolt action L96’s, VSR’s, or even full length M16’s etc. You have 122mm to play with, and you can rest easy in the knowledge and security that your guns are carefully locked away, safe from harm! There are four slide-locks on this case, with space for the addition of a pad-lock (not included) for additional security.

Although designed for a single rifle, depending on the guns it is possible to fit two including accessories etc. This makes transport a lot easier, as well as ensuring that nothing is crushing down on your replicas due to the solid construction of this case.

Bags and Cases
Size 122cm x 25cm x 10cm
Material ABS Plastic & Eggshell Foam
Colour Black
External Storage Pockets N/A

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