Rifle Stock Pouch (Camo)


Product Description

This pouch is arguably one of the most useful for your solid stock sniper rifle or shotgun. It simply wraps around the stock with its velcro straps, breaks up the solid-black colour of the gun, and most importantly gives you a storage pouch in a handy-to-reach area.

Out of the box it is configured for shotgun shells, but this is easily changed over for shell ejecting bolt action rifles e.g. KAR98, SX-9, etc. The shell holder is velcroed onto the side of the pouch, and if you open the zip you’ll find another velcro holder, only these loops are thinner. Simply swap these over and voila, you’re done!

In airsoft terms this is most effective for tri-shot shotguns, or shell ejecting ones such as the Maruzen M870. It gives you a handy holder for the shells, allowing you to get to them when you need more. Thanks to the zip pocket, it means you can easily store used ones eliminating the risk of them going missing on you.

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