Shoulder Holster (Olive)


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Product Description

Without a shadow of a doubt one of the coolest types of holsters is the shoulder holster. Popularised in most peoples minds from the suave and sophisticated James Bond, solidifed by the hangover hero John McClane, they just look bad-ass. There is something about the ‘concealed carry’ look that seems a little more tactical, and thus resonates with people.

This shoulder holster from Mil-Tec is superb. It has wide backstraps for greater surface area to reduce movement, as well as elasticated belt loops to keep to firmly in place. The holster itself can be swapped from left to right, depending on your preference. Remember if you’re right handed you want the holster on the left.

Designed to fit a large number of pistols, this holster will take the likes of the 1911, PX4, Glock series, PPq, PPK, M9, USP, Browning Hi-Power, XDM etc. Unfortunately it will not take guns with tac lights attached. The shoulder rig also has two magazine pouches, which you could use to store the light until you needed, if you so wished.

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