Sig Sauer 552 (Spring) Commando

Sig Sauer 552 (Spring) Commando


Sig Sauer 552 (Spring) Commando

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Product Description

The SIG 552 Commando is a spring powered rifle replicating the Swiss Arms SIG 552 assault rifle. It features a folding stock, ambidextrous fire selector, integrated RIS/RAS top rail with integrated iron sights. One of the coolest features of the rifle is its magazine, which is constructed out of translucent ABS plastic with a faux-bullet design making it look extremely realistic.

As this rifle is manually spring powered, you have to pull back the bolt (right hand side) each time you want to fire a BB. The magazine holds 60 BB’s, and is filled via either a speed loader (sold separately) or by using the included loading tool. Inserting the mag is similar to the AK-series; front first and hinge back to the rear until you hear a positive click.

It is critical to ensure that you never re-use BB’s, as they will clog and jam the gun, causing it to malfunction

Budget Rifles
Mag Capacity 60
Power <0.5J
Type Manually Cocking
Colour Charcoal Grey