Sig Sauer P226 (ABS)

Sig Sauer P226 (ABS)


Sig Sauer P226 (ABS)

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Product Description

The SIG P226 is the pistol of choice for the armed members of an Garda Síochana, and as such it is incredibly popular in airsoft – this particular replica is a plastic gun, firing at approximately 0.5j. It is a manually cocking spring powered replica meaning that every time that you want to shoot, you have to pull back the slide.

The magazine holds 24 BB’s, more than enough to keep you shooting, and is easy to reload. Loading is faster with a speed loader (Sold Separately), but not necessary to use one.

It is recommended to use 0.20g BB’s, as anything heavier will damage the gun, and lighter BB’s won’t go as far. As always it is imperitive that you never reuse BB’s, as when they’re fired they deform (as well as picking up bits of dirt, grit etc) which will damage or break the gun if attempted to fire.

Spring Pistol Specification
Power <0.5J
Mag Capacity 24
Length 21cm
Weight 0.3kg
Colour Black