SIG Sauer Stoplite (Vertical Grip w/Flashlight)



Product Description

Accessorising your airsoft gun is something that everyone does at one point or another in a variety of different ways, some for practical reasons…others for not-so-practical reasons. Flashlights and lasers are one of the mainstays of airsoft accessories due to their practicality, as well as their cool factor – it’s undeniable, for some reason lasers are just fun. Choosing between the myriad of accessories out there can be quite difficult – you need to factor in what you’re looking to get from it i.e. if it’s a torch what lumens you need, or what space is available etc. At the end of the day, like most things in airsoft it comes down to looks, so you’re basically choosing the most practical out of the best looking!

Two of the main accessories used in Airsoft are the Vertical Grip, and the Flashlight, so it was an obvious choice to combine the two.

As a vertical grip, the STOPLITE is very ergonomic, and sits comfortably in the hand. It affords the user a far greater degree of manipulation of their rifle. As a flashlight this attachment is extraordinarily effective! It features a 200 lumen LED, powered by 4x AA batteries; no more expensive and hard-to-find CR123A batteries! Even if we stopped here, it is enough to make this accessory a formidable contender for that wasted rail-space…but we’re not going to stop there; the STOPLITE also features a Strobe function, which disorientates the enemy, whilst simultaneously giving away their position – useful in anyone’s arsenal!

Made from high quality durable nylon fibre, the Stoplite features permanent on, permanent strobe, as well as pressure strobe and pressure on functions. On top of that, it also comes complete with a red navigation LED. The red led is perfect for signalling that you are hit, without giving away enemy positions.

Grips & Bipod Specification
Mount 20mm RIS/RAS
Colour Black
Build Material ABS
Flashlight & Laser Specification
Power 200 lumen
Battery 2x AA
Mount 20mm RIS/RAS
Pressure Switch Included

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