SIG-series Top Rail


Product Description

Customising your rifle is one of the joys of airsoft, and on some guns it can be harder to do than on others. The SIG series of rifles (550, 551, 552 and 553) have no RIS/RAS top rail, so adding a scope or sight requires the addition of a mount. The design of the SIG rifles incorporated a removable mount from the drawing board, so with the mount installed there’s no fear of scopes not lining up etc.

Installing the rail is dead easy; one side of the rail has a bolt that sits into the rear sight. Simply slot the opposite side onto the corresponding dovetail at the top of the receiver, and loosen out the bolt until it sits tightly into the rear iron sight. For best results use a small spanner to ensure a secure fit. From there simply add on whatever 20mm RIS/RAS optic/accessory you wish, and away you go!

Scope Mounts Specification
Gun Type SIG 550, 551, 552 and 553
Colour Black

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