SIG X-Five Co2 Magazine


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Product Description

This magazine is for the Cybergun/KWC P226 X-Five. Manufactured out of metal, each magazine holds 1x Co2 caplet and 27rds. Included with the magazine is the allen key for removing the Co2 retention screw.

Suitable for SIG and Blackwater SIG P226 X-Five model only. Please note that this model is not KJW compatible.

Operation of the magazine is simple; remove the bottom screw completely via included allen key, insert Co2 caplet and replace screw (tightening until the Co2 cannister is pierced). Take care not to over tighten, as this can damage/break the magazine; if you under tighten it the Co2 worst case is you lose a Co2 cannister. Overtighten it and you can be without a working magazine!

Pistol Magazine Specification
Gas Type Co2
Capacity 27rds
Build Material Metal & ABS

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