Smith & Wesson M4505 HPA (Spring Pistol)

Smith & Wesson M4505 HPA (Spring Pistol)


Smith & Wesson M4505 HPA (Spring Pistol)

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Product Description

The S&W M4505 spring powered pistol is a superb piece – as part of Cybergun’s HPA range this gun is nicely weighted, very accurate and great power for manually cocking pistols. The magazine holds 12 BB’s, and each time you want to shoot just pull back on the slide and you’re ready to go! No gas or batteries needed, just load the magazine with BB’s and away you go. This particular model is the plastic slide version

The slide is one of the easiest to pull back due to the rear slide serrations, as well as the faux safety giving ample grip. This makes the gun perfect for younger people, as it is easier to load the gun. Loading the magaze is easy; simply push the BB’s in one at a time, or use a speed loader (sold separately) for quicker reloading.

The best BB’s to use with this pistol are the 0.20g – lighter BB’s won’t go very far, and heavier ones will damage/break the gun. Always use high quality BB’s, as poor quality/cheap BB’s tend to be poorly finished, and can jam up the pistol, with repeated use breaking it. Similarly it is important to never reuse BB’s, as when they’re fired they deform.

Spring Pistol Specification
Power <0.5J
Mag Capacity 12
Length 21cm
Weight 0.5kg
Colour Black