Smith&Wesson M&P40 Co2 NBB (ABS Slide)

Smith&Wesson M&P40 Co2 NBB (ABS Slide)


Smith&Wesson M&P40 Co2 NBB (ABS Slide)

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Product Description

This replica of the M&P40 pistol from Smith & Wesson is manufactured by KWC under license from Cybergun. What that means is that this gun features authentic trademarks making it look more realistic!

Powered by Co2, this is a non-blowback model. Simply insert 1x .12g Co2 caplet into the magazine, load in 15 BB’s and you’re ready to go! All you have to do is pull the trigger. The Co2 will last approximately 200 shots, and you’ll be shooting to roughly 20m. It is important to note that you can not re-use BB’s as they damage/deform when fired which will jam up and break your gun.

Due to the lack of Blowback, this gun operates much quiter so you can be far sneakier. Similarly since there are less moving parts this gun is extremely reliable. Constructed out of ABS plastic, this keeps the weight (& cost!) down. Performance is as good as higher end models, but much more affordable.

You also have a 20mm RIS/RAS accessory rail to facilitate the addition of lasers/lights etc.

Gas Pistol Specification
Gas Type Co2
Blowback Non-Blowback
Power 0.9J
Mag Capacity 15rds
Length 193mm
Weight 0.3kg
Fire Mode Semi-auto
Colour Black
Hop up Fixed