Steyr AUG A2 (BK)

Steyr AUG A2 (BK)


Steyr AUG A2 (BK)

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Product Description

The Steyr AUG is one of those guns that you either love or hate. It’s not going to win any beauty contests, however it does carry some advantages…more manoeuvrable with longer barrel, and easier to carry/shoulder than traditional assault rifles. It is popular in Ireland due to its usage with the Irish Military, and also because it was used in Die Hard!
This replica is manufactured by Jing Gong, under license from ASG. Produced with Steyr Mannlicher trademarks, this looks the part. As with the real steel version, this gun has no fire selector – your selector is the trigger. A half pull fires the gun in semi auto, whilst a pull all the way to the rear will fire full auto. It does have a safety, to prevent accidental discharges…which is always nice to have!

The battery is stored in the rear of the gun, however due to the limited space you can only fit an 8.4v NiMh mini (or small brick type lipo). In the box you get a basic battery & charger, however you will want to upgrade to higher end batteries to get more out of your gun. Similarly you’ll want a charger with automatic cut off as it keeps your batteries healthier, and charges them faster!

You can remove the barrel just as you would on the real one, which is a fantastic feature really adding to its authenticity. Splitting the receivers is just as easy, taking only a couple of seconds. That said we don’t recommend that people try, as if you put it back together without lining everything up you can damage your gun!

Internally this gun has a 509mm barrel and metal V3 gearbox, which keeps the gun running smoothly with superb range.

Rifle Specification
Gearbox Type Version 3
Length 80cm
Weight 3.6kg
Manufacturer Jing Gong
Colour Black
Mag Capacity: 330rds
Power: <1 Joule
Recommended Battery 8.4v Mini